E-learning Revolution in the Education sector of India

E-learning Revolution in the Education sector of India

As the culture of E-Learning and internships spread in the country, students will find a new way to gain the education online. E-learning is leading universities and their professors to your homes through different devices like mobiles and computers.

It is an easy approach to undertake this problem and to feed students as the teachers can’t be present everywhere, especially in rural areas. In fact, having realized the importance of e-learning, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development and state ability development bodies like APSSDC have started uploading lectures online in order that they’ll be simply accessed by students anytime and anyplace.

In India, there are few premier colleges that have limited seats for admission, most of the students are not able to get a seat there. With evolving the E-Learning Portals students have access to quality education. Students get all the education at their fingertips, they also get personalized notes provided by the professors.

There are so many UGC-approved online degree courses in India, which students can select and learn. As the E- Learning platforms open a range of learning facilities for students almost every organization has shifted its education system from offline to online learning.

Benefits of E-Learning

1) E-learning completely fits to Your Needs

Online studying is designed to fulfill everyone’s needs. Due to modern technologies, it has become easy to access the content at your own place.

2) It reduces the cost of study

One of the biggest benefits of using E-Learning Portals is the cost of study It is reduced, which in result educational institutions saving a lot of money.

3) Remote access to various lectures

Students can access all their study material as many times as they need. They can access it from anywhere, anytime they want.

4) Instant Career Progress

The best benefit of online education is that it puts you in sync with updated content receiving from seeking lecturers from all around the globe. 

5) Quick Delivery Of Lessons

E-Learning is a way to present quick delivery of education to students. As compared to the traditional classroom teaching method, this mode has relatively quick delivery cycles.

Preconditions to Make E-Learning More Effective

Below we have mentioned some pre-requisites for improving the effectiveness of E-learning Programmed.

  1. A device like a computer, tablet, etc.
  2. Faster internet connectivity.
  3. Superior software.
  4. Suitable arrangements favoring e-learning.
  5. Availability of technical assistance for e-learning.
  6. Controlled prices for connectivity.
  7. Requirement of reliable electricity.
  8. Proper content in a variety of languages.


According to some sources, almost 26% of India’s population is still illiterate. With the help of the E-Learning platform, it can be improved as the progress in technology & communication has made both teaching & training possible anywhere, anytime. The scope of education has increased due to Online platforms in India.

By using an online learning platform one can get access to a world-class learning experience by just clicking a button. It can be assumed that E-learning is one of the widely developing fields for the Indian education and training systems.

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